Game On! Day Two

The green team soaked after the Water Skirmish
The Green team made up of three young people from Stawell and Brendan from CGLLEN

Welcome to the Water Skirmish, the wettest Game On event of National Youth Week!


Three teams, three flags, three captains. Each team must re-capture their own flag and bring it back to their home base. Here’s the catch: only the captains are allowed to carry the flag from one base to the other. Here’s the second catch: each team is trying to squirt their opponent’s captains with watercolour squirt guns! Each time the captain is splashed with water, they have to drop the flag, go back to base and start again.

The Orange team charges with squirt guns to capture the flag.

After Day One of Game On, the Green team was in the lead to win the National Youth Week event. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Blue and Orange teams were keen as Bruce Springsteen to rack up some points at the Water Skirmish. After some close games, the Blue team reigned supreme on Day Two by collecting the 30 points. The Orange and Green teams were tied for second place with 20 points each.

Left, right, and center, you can't hide from these teams!


Although Blue won the day, the Green team is still in the lead with a total of 50 points!

  • Green Team: Combined Team time 3 min 37 secs – 30 points
  • Orange Team: Combined Team time 4 mins 32 secs – 20 points
  • Blue Team: Combined Team time 4 mins 43 secs – 10 points
Water Skirmish
  • Blue Team: 3 wins – 30 points
  • Orange Team: 2 wins – 20 points
  • Green Team: 2 wins – 20 points
Overall totals
  • Green Team: 50 points
  • Orange Team: 40 points
  • Blue Team: 40 points

Stay tuned for who will win Game On after the Dance Challenge on Day Three!