Game On! Day Three

Holy guacamole, what a night!

All the teams really brought their A-game at last night’s Game On Dance Battle Finale. With Green team in the lead with 50 points, and the Blue (40 points) and Orange (40 points) teams not far behind who would take the Game On crown of victory?

Bust a Move

Teams were tasked with putting on their dance pants and shaking it all on the dance floor in front of the DJ at the Powerhouse in Stawell. All team members that put on chub suits from Day One scored an extra 10 points each for their teams. After a night of snakes, twerks, sprinklers, pop-locking (yes those are all actual dance moves I am not making this up), the Blue and Green teams came to a tie!

And what better tie-breaker than the age old game of ol’ rock, paper, scissors? After a night of amazing dancing and five intense games of paper,scissors, rock, the Blue team were the winners!

Game On was a three-day event hosted for National Youth Week 2017. Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank all supporters, volunteers, and young people for helping with the event. Read more about Day One, The Chub Suit Challenge, and Day Two, the Water Skirmish, in our news section.