Game On! Day One


To kick off National Youth Week 2017, Central Grampians LLEN hosted a massive obstacle course race for youth at the Powerhouse in Stawell. Game On, is CGLLEN’s three day event hosted as part of National Youth Week. Divided into three teams, each team member was tasked with completing the obstacle course donned in an orange, blue, or green inflatable chub suit.


The obstacle course challenged a specific set of skills: balance, agility, speed and hurdles. With sweat in their brow, teams tested their skills on the balance bars. As if balancing is not already hard enough, they were also tasked with using Pulley-Steps to challenge their hand-foot-eye coordination. Balance was tested again later throughout the course as kids had to balance their bodies on a windy-balance beam. The inflatable suits posed a real trial as kids could hardly even see their feet, let alone where to place them! Some kids fell, but their suits bounced them right back up again.


If you’re wondering about agility, never fear: the tube is here! If you’ve ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  you might remember a kid called Augustus and a certain chocolate tube he got stuck in. Well, extend that image to the kids wearing inflatable chub suits at Game On, and you might have an indication of how badly these kids wanted to win the challenge.


These teams absolutely smashed our expectations for completing the obstacle course. Despite all the hurdles and obstacles, players ran from one part to the next with amazing times despite their lack of aerodynamics.


Trampolines, swing-rope, giant tubes that are not quite big enough, half cyllinders to jump over, gymnastic racks, we had it all! There is no stopping the teams that wanted the glory, and boy did they want it.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say these teams were trained ninjas. But, it was great to see big balls of colour zooming through the gymnastics hall at the Powerhouse.

Look to your left, and a giant orange passes you by; look to your right and a blueberry is wobbling across the balance beams to the finish line; and don’t forget to look behind you to see the giant green ball attach itself to the rope and fly through the air like George of the Jungle.


The green team has taken the lead for Game On’s first event.

Green Team: Combined Team time 3 min 37 secs – 30 points

Orange Team: Combined Team time 4 mins 32 secs – 20 points

Blue Team: Combined Team time 4 mins 43 secs – 10 points

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for the next episode of Game On, where teams play capture the flag with water colour spray guns in a Water Skirmish! Who will come out victorious, and who will come out just looking like a rainbow?

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