Opportunity: Rural Scholarships

Macpherson  Smith Rural Foundation provides a range of scholarships to support the education of young people from rural Victoria. MSRF also assists donors and other organisations to establish and administer high-impact rural scholarship programs. Since 2011, MSRF has awarded scholarships with a cash value in excess of $1 million to rural school leavers.

MSRF’s scholarship programs are designed to:

  1. Improve equity of access to post-school education for rural young people, and
  2. Ensure the availability of home-grown, qualified young people to deliver services, drive economic growth and lead their rural communities.

MSRF provides wrap-around support to scholarship recipients, including transition and career mentoring, and leadership development programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of rural young people.

The Scholarship for Universities and Scholarship for TAFE and Apprenticeships are currently open. 

See the MSFR website for more information here.