Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

Want the chance to learn from the pros? The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project is an opportunity second to none.

This project is available to students in Year 9 or 10 who live in Western Victoria, including those who live in Stawell and Ararat. (For a list of other municipalities in which students are eligible click here.)

To participate in the program, students are required to submit a nomination form by March 3, 2017 to describe their motivations for participating in the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project.

You can nominate yourself, or an adult (teacher, parent, coach etc) can nominate you. You do not have to be interested in sports of AFL to participate in the program.

What’s it all about?

The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project is a free six-month program that provides local young people with hands-on opportunities and tactics to build leadership, teamwork, communications, goal setting, and resilience skills which will help them connect, contribute and grow as leaders in their communities.

The program offers a broad range of activities, including: practical team building challenges, career expositions, mentoring from respected industry leaders, coaching courses, AFL and AFLW match visits, Western Bulldogs volunteer opportunities, council workshops and more.

Participants in the program are provided with opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to their local communities. This also includes the Community Leadership Program which involves identifying community issues, planning, implementing and delivering basic initiatives design to improve the problem.

CGLLEN Youth Project Officer Brendan, Western Bulldog Fergus Greene, Marian College student Will, Western Bulldog Liam Picken, Ararat College students Sophie and Chloe, Western Bulldog Liam Roarke and CGLLEN Youth Engagement Officer Maya at the Ararat launch of the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project.

Central Grampians LLEN’s involvement

Youth Project Officer Brendan, and Youth Engagement Officer Maya are CGLLEN’s  boots on the ground for Western Bulldogs Leadership Project in Ararat and Stawell. They can help you with a nomination form, and will be working with the participants and the Western Bulldogs throughout the course of the program.

Central Grampians LLEN is a proud supporting partner of the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project and is working in conjunction with Ararat Rural City Council and Northern Grampians Shire.

How to nominate

Due to the popularity of The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project, candidates must apply to participate by completing an online nomination form.

Click here to nominate for The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

Nominations open Monday January 30 and close Friday 3rd March 2017.
Nominations can be completed via two avenues:

  1. Self – completed by a prospective participant or
  2. Adult – a referral from a parent, school teacher, coach etc

Participants are selected based on the strength of the responses in their nomination so please take the time to provide detailed answers. All applicants will be notified regarding the outcome of their nomination in mid-March.


For more information on the program or on how to nominate, contact Brendan or Adam Moedt.

Central Grampians LLEN Youth Project Officer
Phone: 5352 3266
Email: Brendan@cgllen.org.au

Western Bulldogs Community Leadership Manager
Adam Moedt
Phone: 9680 6300
Email: adam.moedt@westernbulldogs.com.au.