SWL Celebrates Two Years!

Central Grampians LLEN is celebrating SWL’s second year in the region 

In May, Central Grampians LLEN’s Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) program celebrated its second year of supporting young people to find work placements with local employers. SWL is a Victorian Department of Education and Training initiative and is state-wide across a network of 31 LLENs

SWL Portal Manager 

Melissa, CGLLEN’s Program Manager, oversees the SWL program and portal in the Central Grampians region. She is based at the Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network in Ararat. 

Her role involves connecting students, schools and employers to find suitable and relevant work placements for students undertaking VET or VCAL subjects. SWL is on-the-job training that is required to extend classroom learning. Students can gain hands-on experience by working and learning from local employers. This is a valuable skill for the student’s future employability skills.  

Melissa thanks employers who have chosen to support young people in the Grampians community through the SWL program. Without their commitment to young people, this program would not be what it is today.

Melissa is CGLLEN’s trusty program manager. She oversees all of CGLLEN’s programs and manages program staff. She is also the SWL-portal manager, as well as the contact for CGLLEN and Federation University Australia’s Bachelor of Social Science course.

How It Works 

  1. Employers contact Central Grampians LLEN in order to promote an opportunity. 
  2. This opportunity is then placed on the SWL portal, an online access point for students to find placements, school-based apprenticeships or independent apprenticeships and traineeships. 
  3. Through an application process, students consume the position and begin their structured workplace learning with the employer.  


The SWL program offers students the chance to enhance their skills professionally whilst networking with industry professionals relevant to their field of study.  

Students that have completed their SWL placement and have shown dedication to their field of study or have found employment or further training as a result of their placement receive an SWL Student Award as a form of recognition for their achievements.  


The SWL program offers businesses a chance to raise their profile in the community whilst influencing young people’s career choices. Central Grampians LLEN works with employers to promote work placements. Employers are also thanked in Central Grampians LLEN’s communications to the media and community.

Employers that take on students as employees, as a result of their SWL placement, receive an SWL Employer Award to recognise the opportunity created for young people in the Grampians community.  

Get involved 

Contact Melissa at Central Grampians LLEN to get involved. She looks forward to hearing from schools, students and employers from across the region.  Find out more about the SWL portal by clicking here

Phone: 03 5352 3266
Email: melissa@cgllen.org.au