Refugee Ration Challenge

Central Grampians LLEN staff are taking part in the Refugee Ration Challenge during Refugee Week.

Our ration packs have slowly started arriving in the lead up to Refugee Week (June 18-25). For the Refugee Ration Challenge CGLLEN staff will be eating solely from refugee ration packs, provided by Act For Peace.

The packs are identical to what real refugees are provided with. The challenge is for Australians who wish to support Syrian refugees in Jordan. Money raised from this challenge goes directly to providing refugee families with ration packs, medicine and education. For more information, please visit the Act for Peace website.

For more information on our journey with our fundraising page here.


The box contains our diet for the entirety of refugee week: Rice (420g) Lentils (170g) Dried Chick Peas (85g) Tinned sardines (125g) Tinned kidney beans (400g) and Vegetable Oil (300ml). In other words, not much.

Wish our staff members good luck by donating to the cause, or messaging our facebook page and offering your moral support. We will need it. Stay tuned for more updates during refugee week!