Students Finish Rebuilding Their Bikes

Final touches on their brand new bicycles.

The kids involved in the On Ya Bike! program got to take home a Certificate of Completion and a shiny bicycle. After months of solid effort, the students finally got to give their bicycles a whirl.

The On Ya Bike! program was developed by Central Grampians LLEN as a way to get young children who are at risk of disengaging with school excited about a school project. Central Grampians LLEN visits the students for an hour, twice a week, to work with the students and their bicycles and develop the students’ practical skills.

The bicycles they started with were rusted, missing parts and unsafe to ride. Together with Central Grampians LLEN’s Youth Project Officers and volunteers, the students sanded, primed, painted and constructed the bicycles. Each bicycle has also been customized with stickers, designed by the students themselves.

The team at Central Grampians LLEN would like to extend our congratulations to all the students for working hard and accomplishing their goals. Ride safe!