On Ya bike Pizza Party!

Before the summer holidays kicked in, the students at the Ararat North Primary school worked very hard for weeks on end as they’ve taken part in the On Ya Bike program. Their hard work for the year has been rewarded with a Pizza Party!

Students Brodie, Uday, Connar, Sam and Damien have been busy dismantling their bicycles. So far the group has dismantled four of the five bikes. One bike has proved a difficult challenge as a result of very rusty and stubborn screws. The boys have also been using sandpaper to do an initial sand down of the bicycle frames before the bikes are professionally sand blasted. This is done to prepare the bicycles for repainting.

Taking bicycles apart is no easy job, but they’ve managed to dismantle the pedals, seats, and wheels off of their wheeled contraptions. The boys will replace those parts with ones that are new and functional.

To celebrate the students’ hard work, Central Grampians LLEN’s On Ya Bike Coordinator Brendan has organised a Half Way There Pizza Party to end the year with some smiling faces and probably lots of melted cheese.

This year, the students will continue the On Ya Bike program and re-assemble their very own bicycles. With adult supervision the students will be able to spray paint their bicycles with custom designs and they are very much looking forward to that part of the program.

The On Ya Bike program is looking for new mentors to help guide these boys through this rewarding program. This program is also available to persons looking for work-for-the-dole programs.

Interested? Get in touch with On Ya Bike’s coordinator, Brendan .

Contact details:

Youth Project Officer
Phone: 03 5352 3266
Email: brendan@cgllen.org.au