On Ya Bike! Kick Off


Who would have thought that children could get so excited by rusty old bicycles? On Tuesday, November 8, five students from Ararat North Primary School got their first look at the bicycles they’ll be refurbishing for the coming weeks.

The bicycles ranged in sizes and functionality with some even missing wheels, pedals, or chains. Of course this is of no concern as the students and mentors are confident in their abilities to create something special from these diamonds in the rough.

The real work started on November 15, as the kids and mentors stripped back their bicycles to prepare them for supervised spray painting and decoration. Once that part of the operation is complete, the following weeks will involve re-assembling the bicycles in order to bring them to their full working capacity.

Under guidance of mechanic and mentor Tom, these kids can walk away with their new bicycles in the coming weeks.

The On Ya Bike! program was developed by Central Grampians LLEN as a way to get young children who are at risk of disengaging with school excited about a school project. The mentors and Central Grampians LLEN’s Youth Project Officer, Brendan, visit the students for an hour twice a week to work on their bicycles and develop their skills.

If you’re good with bicycles or would like to get involved, enquire with Brendan about becoming a mentor today.


Contact information:
Brendan, Youth Project Officer
Office: 03 5352 3266
Mobile: 0438 337 676
Email: brendan@cgllen.org.au