LGBTI Equality Road Show

Dolly Diamond (performer), Maya (CGLLEN), Ro Allen (Gender and Sexuality Commissioner), Sarah (CGLLEN), Georgia, and Gemma Beavis (Grampians Community Health) at the LGBTI Equality Road Show.

Stawell supporting LGBTI communities.

Two staff members from Central Grampians LLEN felt honoured and inspired after attending the LGBTI Road Show in Stawell on March 15.

The LGBTI Road Show brought together a diverse collective of people and services from all across the Grampians to discuss community equality aims to reduce discrimination and promote inclusivity for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, gender diverse and intersex (LGBTI) people locally. The road show aims to enable community members and services to promote the inclusion of LGBTI people in every day rural and regional life.

Community Ties

During the LGBTI Inclusion Planning Meeting, community organisations, including Central Grampians LLEN, provided an introduction to what their role in the community currently is and why they decided to attend the meeting. Reasons for attending the meeting ranged from services wanting to learn more about creating an inclusive space in communities, to personal accounts of knowing or living as an LGBTI person.

Discussing barriers to an inclusive culture is an important step in recognising and identifying action plans within the community.

Juno Vesta

Conversations covering which resources and services are currently available within the community also took place. Central Grampians LLEN’s Youth Program Coordinator Sarah, and Youth Engagement Officer Maya, spoke to the group about a local LGBTI group for young people, created by young people: Juno Vesta.

Juno Vesta was formed by a group of like-minded and friendly LGBTI youth. They come together once a week for friendship, support, and discussions on ways to promote local inclusivity. This group is supported in partnership by Central Grampians LLEN and Grampians Community Health.

The group’s name is derived from two asteroids, Juno and Vesta, whose celestial bodies are associated with equality, self confidence, dedication and commitment. These qualities are in line with the values of this social group.

What now?

Sarah and Maya from Central Grampians LLEN were incredibly inspired by the LGBTI Road Show, and were grateful to see so many community services come together to support a common goal and create action plans for positive change in our communities.

“It was refreshingly honest to have conversations like that in our community,” Maya said. “It is important to recognise and overcome our pre-existing prejudices in order to create an action plan for an inclusive culture.”

One of Juno Vesta’s members also attended the road show and told us that they felt inspired to take on the world.

Central Grampians LLEN, in partnership with Grampians Community Health, will continue to support Juno Vesta and work with them to ensure a safe and inclusive space for young LGBTI people.

Central Grampians LLEN is an inclusive community service.

 Juno Vesta contact

P: 5358 7400 (Grampians Community Health Rainbow Committee)