Giddy Up! LLEN Team Day

CGLLENs Team Building Day 2017

Last week, CGLLEN staff stepped out of the office and onto a few horses for our team building day. We left Ararat on a bus, and made our way down to Newlyn, a tiny town near Daylesford in Victoria. We visited Hepburn Lagoon Trail Rides, and giddied up on some beautiful horses. Our guide Kieran taught us how to do the riding trot, let us canter up a hill, and ride through the bush in the Wombat State Park.

This was a new experience for many of us, so there was plenty of encouragement to go around. Although the weather held out for us, the trail was very muddy and slippery, causing our jeans to be covered in mud every time our horses stepped in a puddle.

After the ride, we sat by the fireplace to warm up and at some pizza. Once well rested, we made our way to Ballarat’s Plaster Fun House, for a creative and non-strenuous activity to finish the day. We all grabbed a mould and painting utensils, and proceeded to decorate some interesting tokens which are now displayed around the office and on our desks.

Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank our staff for their hard work and team spirit, and Kieran from Hepburn Lagoon Trail Rides for the great adventure on the horses.