Dancing at Ararat West Disco

Shakin’ it up at Ararat West Primary School

September 7 saw a crowd of kids gather in the Ararat West Primary School auditorium for a banger of a day! Central Grampians LLEN, alongside DJ Jamie, hosted two discos on the day: one for pre-school to Year 2 students, and another for Grade 3 to Grade 6 students.

The students came dressed in their pajamas, ensuring they could boogie in utmost comfort. Central Grampians LLEN sponsored several prizes on the day, including Best Male/Female Breakdancer, Loudest Male/Female Singer, Best Over All Male/Female Dancer and the Trying Your Hardest prize.

Central Grampians LLEN hosted this disco at Ararat West Primary School as part of FReeZA, a program that supports young people aged 12-25 to get involved in the planning, coordination and attending of music, art and young culture events with an emphasis on safety and affordability.