CGLLEN leader heads back to school

CGLLEN Executive Officer Jessica Paterson, students Indiana and Lucy, and Waubra Primary School Principal Cameron Landry.

Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network (CGLLEN) Executive Officer, Jessica Paterson, will step out of the office and back into the classroom for the nineteenth annual Principal For A Day event on 3 September. 

Ms Paterson will visit Waubra Primary School, in the Pyrenees Shire, where she will experience a ‘day in the life’ of a Victorian government school principal. 

She said the opportunity will offer a new perspective on the valuable work of schools. 

“I am looking forward to the experience. Being involved in the Principal for a Day program offers an insight into the future of education and enables us to work together, share skills, and build an ongoing relationship,” Ms Paterson said. 

“Communication and feedback from our local school communities is vital to the work we do here at CGLLEN. This is another way for us to learn more about how we can support schools to ensure our young people get the most out of their education.” 

Waubra Primary School Principal Cameron Landry said the event provides mutual benefits for schools and community leaders.  

“We are excited to welcome Jess to our school and we look forward to exchanging ideas, visiting classes, talking to students, meeting parents and taking part in ‘normal’ daily activities,” he said. 

“Principal For A Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to enable Jess to gain unique insights into the learning environment at our school.”