Ashlea and Daniel Get Their P’s

Congratulations to two of our L2P learner-drivers, Ashlea and Daniel, for successfully passing their P Plate driving test!

After successfully driving 120 hours with their supervising drivers Dave and Vance, Ashlea and Daniel, respectively, can now independently take the wheel thanks to the L2P program.

The L2P program is funded by the TAC and managed by VicRoads. It is for Learner Drivers aged 16-20 years who don’t have a car or supervising driver and need a hand getting up their 120 hours.

Daniel took his driving test in L2P’s blue Toyota Yaris, supplied by the Department of Justice through Community Services General Manager Mark Sultana.

Ashlea completed her driving test in the Ararat community funded white Ford Fiesta.

The Central Grampians LLEN team wish Ashlea and Daniel a very long and safe driving future, and would like to thank Dave and Vance for volunteering their time with Central Grampians LLEN in supporting young people in our region.

Interested in joining the program either as a Learner Driver or Supervising Driver? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The Central Grampians L2P program covers Northern Grampians Shire, Ararat Rural City, and Pyrenees Shire.