New Coordinators at CGLLEN

The new face of the L2P

As the result of some changes at Central Grampians LLEN, some of our staff have rotated into new positions the L2P program has a new coordinator.


L2P is a friendly learner-driver-mentor program, which, if they’re aged 16 to 20 and without access to a supervising driver or vehicle, helps young people get the 120 hours of supervised driving they need for a probationary driver’s licence. 

Amanda, previously the Northern Grampians Shire L2P coordinator, will now be coordinating the L2P program across Ararat Rural City, Northern Grampians Shire and Pyrenees Shire. 

Amanda is eager to help get young people on the road and on their way to independence! She also looks forward to meeting and working closely with the supervising driver mentors across the Grampians regions.  

If you’re interested in joining the L2P program as a learner driver or as a supervising driver, click here or contact Amanda directly.  

Amanda, L2P Coordinator 
Phone: 0418 535 478