Holiday Program: Galaxy in a jar 

Youth run crafting workshop during school holidays at CGLLEN.  

Nine young people visited Central Grampians LLEN on Thursday July 12 to take part in a crafting workshop. The day’s craft: galaxy in a jar. A young creative person from Ararat, Ashleigh, stepped forward to run this crafting activity. “I love to help and I love kids,” she told CGLLEN.  

With crafting tools at the ready, participants were ready to create their very own galaxy in a jar using a mixture of food dye, water, cotton balls and glitter. The results were very unique and colourfull galaxies of glitter.  

Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank Ashleigh for volunteering her time to run this workshop and all the participants for joining in on the fun.  

Make Your Own 

You’ll need:  

1 medium sized jar with lid 

1 bag of large cotton balls 


Food dye 

1 Spoon 



  1. Add a small amount of water to your glass jar.  
  1. Add a few drops of food dye and stir. 
  1. Pull your cotton balls gently to unravel them. 
  1. Add a layer of cotton balls and then glitter. 
  1. Press the cotton balls down with a spoon, so the cotton soaks up all the liquid.  
  1. Keep adding layers of water, food dye, cotton balls and glitter until you reach the top. 
  1. Screw on the lids of your jar, and your galaxy in a jar is all set!