Thursdays: Tree Planting

Thursdays Plants Out with Project Platypus

On Tuesday 19 June, Central Grampians LLEN’s Thursdays program partnered with Project Platypus to take part in the Plant Out project.

A group of seven volunteers from Thursdays committed their time to plant trees in at Lake Fyans, near Pomonal. The Plant Out project enables regeneration of habitats in the region. John Pye and assistant Riley explained to the Thursdays group that they were not only planting trees, but they are also planting insects, possums, sugar gliders and other natural wildlife. Regenerating habitats encourages local wildlife to flourish in the region, which in turn contributes to positive ecosystems.

Thursdays is a safety net for young people who are disengaged from full-time education or employment. By partnering with Project Platypus, Thursdays encouraged young people to actively give back to their community through volunteering efforts. This volunteering exercise also allowed for young people to connect with professionals on a local level, develop new skills and create contacts who may be used as referees in future job, education or training prospects.

The group planted a total of 540 trees across the area. The project taught them about the value of caring for the environment. This physically demanding effort also tested the participants’ resilience in an environment of hard work. The participants all passed the ‘test’ with flying colours.

Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank Project Platypus for giving young people this opportunity. For more information on Project Platypus click here.