Setting and Achieving Goals

CGLLEN’s tips for working towards your new goals 

The start of a new school term is as good a time as any to start setting goals for yourself, but how often have you set goals and just to forget about them a week or a month later? Here’s a few tips to keep you on track.  


This part is easy. Make a list of realistic and achievable goals for yourself. They can be as simple or complicated as you like; maybe you would like to start eating one piece of fruit a day for a month, or perhaps you want to become captain of your sports team by the end of the year.  


Now is the time to think about how you will actually achieve those goals. What do you need to put in place to achieve your goal?  

For some goals, you may need to set sub-goals to keep you on track. Think of this as a pit-stop on a map that shows the route to your final destination.  

If we continue with the goals above, (eating more fruit and becoming team captain) you might need to stock up on that bowl of fruit, or put in extra time to help your team mates during practice.  


Take a moment to think about things that might hinder you from achieving you goal. What obstacles could get in the way and what can you do to overcome them? 

Ripe fruit may go off if you leave to long, so perhaps you should invest in frozen fruit. You might pull a muscle during a team practice which could put you out of play for weeks. Take extra precautions to stretch before and after practice and matches.  


How are you going to celebrate your accomplishments? Setting rewards when you accomplish your goal or sub-goal may help your motivation if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the effort your putting in. Think of a few things that you enjoy and treat yourself. A few examples include going to the cinemas or buying your favourite food.

Something else to try is making a list of benefits you will experience as a result of achieving your goal. Reflecting on your hard work and seeing the benefits may give you a greater sense of satisfaction. For instance, eating fruit may increase your vitamin intake and make you healthier. Becoming a team captain might mean that your athletic abilities have increased or you’ve enhanced your leadership skills.  

Whatever your goals are, we know you can do it!