CGLLEN meets the Governor of Victoria

CGLLEN meets the Governor of Victoria – Left to right: L2P Co-ordinator Amanda, Sandra, EO James, Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau, Program Manager Melissa, Communications Officer Jasmine, and Youth Engagement Officer Maya.

Central Grampians LLEN were honoured to be invited to the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau’s reception during her visit to Ararat.

During her tour she visited a variety of community entities and spoke directly to the community members to discover what makes the Grampians such a wonderful place. She spoke of a “need to ensure a promising future for the youngsters in the area, to give them a reason to stay in, or return to, the local area”.

The Governor of Victoria’s reception speech

As a community organisation, Central Grampians LLEN works towards a positive future for young people in our region by implementing and hosting events or programs that engage them with their community or help them access pathways to further education, training or employment. Thursdays is one of these programs.

Thursdays is developed and implemented by CGLLEN’s Youth Engagement Officer Maya. This program is for young people who are not participating in full-time schooling or employment, and require broader opportunities for continued education or training.

Ready for service: Thursdays participants Kimmy, Pheonix, Program Manager Melissa, Tyrone and Youth Engagement Officer Maya

Three participants of Central Grampians LLEN’s Thursdays program were invited to provide a service role at the Governor’s reception. This role involved serving drinks and platters of food to the patrons of the event under guidance of the event organisers. This opportunity provided insight into what kind of work-ethic is required in the hospitality industry at a prestigious event like this one.

A problem that young people in the Grampians communities face is the limited access or options for participation in engaging programs; an issue the Governor also touched on during her speech: “Of course, there’s the tyranny of distance that adds a certain challenge that you don’t have in city or metropolitan areas.” There are 31 LLENs across Victoria that offer local opportunities for young people in rural as well as metropolitan areas. We focus on the Central Grampians region.

The Honourable Linda Dessau thanked Central Grampians LLEN staff and students for their role at the event in her reception speech.

To find out more about the Thursdays program, click here, or get in touch with its co-ordinator Maya.

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