A Very LLEN Christmas

The LLEN team celebrating Christmas

I think it’s safe to say that at CGLLEN we love Christmas! So much so, we dedicate an entire day to celebrate it with the team. And what better way to celebrate than with food? And I mean a LOT of food…

Our office is currently covered in tinsel and Christmas cheer. When you enter CGLLEN’s doors, you will be welcomed by a contemporary Christmas tree, complete with baubels, tinsel, beads, lighting and even a star.


We started off Tuesday, November 28, by playing Christmas carols in the CGLLEN office, Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you went down as a favourite. Enveloped by the Christmas spirit, we cooked and prepared breakfast for the team. There were pancakes, egg and bacon rolls, muffins, quiches, cherry crumble, mince pies, scones, fresh fruit and anything else we could manage to squeeze onto the table.


After eating way too much food, and donning various kinds of Santa hats, we exchanged Kris Kringle presents. These ranged from bottles of wine to unicorns in snow globes!

We also played a game with the hope it might help us digest some of our breakfast. The game involved a giant ball of gladwrap, with prizes wrapped inside it. Whoever rolled a six was allowed to unwrap the ball as much as they could until they had to pass it on to the next lucky person.

Celebrating with a glorious lunch


Then, the main event followed: a four-course lunch at Steel Cutter’s Cottage in Great Western. We started with an anti-pesto share platter, followed by a blue cheese soufflé with poached pears. The main course was a plate of twice-cooked pork belly with a cauliflower puree and braised carrots. The dessert, which defeated many of us at the table, was a dense triple chocolate layered mousse with a tangy berry compote (pictured above).  We all rolled out of the building like Santa’s bag on Christmas eve.

Central Grampians LLEN wants to wish everyone a great holiday season and a very merry Christmas!