School Holiday Round Up

CGLLEN’s adventures during the school holidays

At the start of January we welcomed primary and secondary school children to the Central Grampians LLEN offices for some good old fashion fun. We hosted a series of events over two weeks during the summer school holidays. We learned, we raced and we got very creative.


We hosted two cooking workshops: one sweet, one savoury. In the first workshop we learnt how to make our very own white chocolate and berry cheesecake. The results were very delicious. Everyone was allowed to take home their very own creation to share.

In the second workshop we got our hands dirty and made our very own burger patties and vegetable skewers. These went down a treat for lunch.


With our shoes on tight and our minds sharp, we headed into the streets of Ararat to complete an adventure race. Participants had to solve riddles and clues to make their way to the next clue, all whilst racing against the competing team to be the first to get back to the CGLLEN offices. Team Dynamite and the A-Team were very savvy and quick to finish the race of riddles. Although Team Dynamite won, all participants took home prizes.


We like getting creative at CGLLEN and even more so when we can get kids involved. We hosted a number of events that challenged us all to be creative and learn a few skills along the way. Events included a song writing workshop, lead by performer and musician Stella Savy; a spray paint workshop, in which we all created our very own masterpieces through the use of stencils; and a chalk jar making workshop. In each of the workshops, participants could take home their own creations.


We learnt a lot in our technical workshops. First we welcomed Nathaniel and Cale, two young local drone pilots from Drone Zome, to teach us a thing or two about racing drones. Participants took the chance to fly a drone behind the CGLLEN offices and watch a drone’s first person view through a number of headsets.

Our second technical workshop involved printing our very own t-shirts. Participants cut out a number of designs and name tags, and with the help of a CGLLEN youth project officer used the t-shirt press to permanently print their designs on to the shirt. When participants finished the printing process, they further customised their t-shirts by painting their very own designs.


Sometimes you just need a break from all this fun. That’s exactly why we hosted a relaxed movie session at the CGLLEN offices. With popcorn in hand we watch Sing, a movie about animals who love to show off their vocal chords.


We know going back to school can seem a bit boring after you’ve just had a great couple of weeks of holidays. It’s hard to get motivated and get back to work after having so much fun, especially if you attended our creative school holiday program.

Don’t fear, we’ve come up with some tips to get you right back into action and to help you get the most out of starting a new school term. Read them here!

Central Grampians LLEN would like to thank all the participants who attended our events and we hope they had a lot of fun, because we certainly did!

The school holiday program is part of Central Grampians LLEN’s FReeZA and Engage! programs. FReeZA is a Victorian State Government initiative to support all ages drug, alcohol and smoke-free entertainment for 12 to 25 year olds. Engage! provides local governments and community organisations the opportunity to develop projects with young people, for young people.