School Holiday Program: Getting Technical

The School Holiday Program continues at CGLLEN.

Week two of the School Holiday Program has been an absolute whirlwind! We started off big with a spray painting session on day one. On day two we explored a more technical side to having fun during our Drone Zone session. This was followed by another song writing session. Wednesday we combined creativity and technology in our t-shirt printing session!


Two young drone pilots from Ararat came in to demonstrate to young people what flying a drone is all about. After a brief presentation which introduced what drones are and what First Person View Drone Races are, we stepped outside to see the drones in action.

Young people were allowed to fly a real camera drone. After this our two drone pilots Nathaniel and Cale demonstrated their freestyle flights and how First Person View drone racing works. The participants were given goggles through which they could watch the drone’s point of view as they zipped through the air.

Drone Zone is also an ongoing program which teaches young people how to build and fly their very own drones at Central Grampians LLEN. For more information, click here.


In this small session, we got some guitars and jammed our little hearts out. Some participants continued creating their song from last week, and recorded it via the program Garage Band. Participants were very encouraging to one another, telling each other not to give up if they didn’t like the sound of their song, but rather to continue working until it sounded like something they were happy with. It was great to see this camaraderie and affirmative criticism from such young minds.


On Wednesday we started the day by cutting emoji designs out for our t-shirts. Strawberries, smiley faces, pizza faces, name tags, rainbows and more were some of the designs available for the young people to choose from. Young people were then allowed to choose a custom placement on their shirts for all of the designs, ensuring everyone had a unique shirt to take home. Some created faces out of pizzas and strawberries, others decorated their names tags. It was great to see the young people really make something unique despite everyone using the same supplies.

With the help of CGLLEN supervisors, young people then watched as their designs were printed on their shirt using a t-shirt press! Some participants were keen enough to continue with their custom designs, and painted stencils on the back of their t-shirts.


There are only two more days left in our School Holiday Program: another cooking session on Thursday January 18 and, to finish with a big splash, a pool party on January 19*.

Come join us!

*Requires a $3 entry fee to the Ararat Olympic Outdoor Pool.

Have a look at our Facebook events or our calendar for more information on each of the sessions.

Want to sign up? Use the enrolment form below and send it to

*The pool party on January 19 requires a $3 entry fee.


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