Back To School Basics 

CGLLEN’s tips for heading back to school after the holidays 

We know going back to school can seem a bit boring after you’ve just had a great couple of weeks of holidays. It’s hard to get motivated and get back to work after having so much fun, especially if you attended our creative school holiday program 

Don’t fear, we’ve come up with some tips to get you right back into action and to help you get the most out of starting a new school term.  


Getting back into routine before school starts again can be a great tool. Setting an alarm can help train your body to wake up on those early school day mornings. Practice getting ready for school by getting dressed, having breakfast and brushing your teeth in a set amount of time. You’ll be ready to fly out the door by the time school starts again.  

A similar routine is to start going back to bed at a reasonable hour. This means waking up won’t be as difficult the following day. A good night’s rest can do no harm! 


Dreading going back to school? Try making a list of all the positive things you can look forward to. We’ll even help you make a start: 

  1. Seeing your friends again 
  2. Eating your favourite treat from the cafeteria 


A new school term is the perfect time to start setting goals for yourself. You can set a goal to make new friends, achieve a certain grade in English, score some points for your school sports team, or anything that will motivate you to get more out of yourself this school term.  

Here are some tips for setting goals:  

  1. Set an achievable goal – make it realistic. 
  2. Create an action plan – what do you need to do to achieve your goal? 
  3. Think about obstacles to your goal – how can you overcome them? 
  4. Set a reward for achieving your goal – what’s better than getting what you want after working hard? 


All the big superstars use a playlist to pump themselves up before a big show or tournament. Think about songs that motivate you or lift your mood and out them into a playlist. You can listen to your songs on your way to school and be ready to seize the day once the school bell rings.  


If you’re nervous about starting next term with new teachers or starting at a new school, you should know that being nervous is completely normal. In fact, most students and even teachers might feel nervous at the start of a new term.  

Central Grampians LLEN has partnered with Headspace to create Anti-Anxiety cards. It has a few positive words for you to tell yourself and also includes some breathing techniques. The back side allows you to write a positive message to yourself for when you need to hear those comforting words the most.  

You can pick these up for free at Central Grampians LLEN’s offices on 3/5 Laby Street in Ararat or in our Stawell office at the Powerhouse on Sloane Street.  

The Central Grampians LLEN team wishes students all the best for the next school term, and look forward to seeing them achieve great things.